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Ashok Hills


Luxury Real Estate


Identity, Brand Graphics, Content, Promotional Design, Artistic Renders

Ashok Hills brings the best of contemporary living amidst the quietude of nature just a 50-minute drive from the Dehradun airport. Enveloped by the lush green hills of Rishikesh, these retreat homes are the most picture-perfect escape from city life. December worked with the architects and promoters to develop the Identity, Tone and Promotional packaging for the project. The project involved naming, symbol design, type and applications of the identity across media. Ashok hills experience is designed for a niche and select client base. The project required a personal, intimate touch in communication and promotion.

December created an identity that evoked a sense of  luxury, calm and tranquillity  in the land of the gods. The logo is a  representation of the confluence of serenity, spirituality and the soul by integrating the river Ganga, the hills and the sun in the symbol.  Ashok Hills has been crafted with the vision to revitalise your mind, body and spirit- be it waking up to the majestic views of the Ganga or immersing in spiritual well being.

“Nature is not a place to visit. Rather, it is home.” The quote formed the basis to the mindful  tone of  promotion. A gentle earthy colour palette, bespoke water colour renders of the property and dramatic photography were used to enhance the sensorial experience of the viewer. The idea was  to make a potential client feel the tranquil environment in all forms of communication. The brochure became the gateway to the project with the ethos of the project, layouts and simulations, introduction to the project site in this calm visual and verbal tone.

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