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OpenBook VC


Venture Builder, Capital Fund


Identity, Brand Environment, Publication Design

OpenBook VC is a Venture Capital fund created with the objective of investing in technology startups and nurturing them in order to generate exponential growth, yielding significant returns.  OpenBook is focused at bringing efficiency to the zero-to-one journey by co-building startups through a de-risked idea to tech product journey through Favcy’s existing tech platform and Assembly Line for Venture Building. OpenBook’s risk-adjusted approach for generating returns is an India-focussed approach and partnering with a Venture Builder that lowers the risk and reduces the exit horizon makes for a bankable opportunity. The Venture Builder had a portfolio of more than 20 tech startups, growing rapidly, when they approached December to develop their identity.

The key step was to get an overview of the buzzing Indian start-up funding ecosystem and the tech platform- from Idea Validation and Business Modeling to Digital Product Assembly, from Brand Wrapping to Traction. The identity had to focus on a niche segment of business building entrepreneurs who do not have a technology background themselves but have insights into markets where they may have dabbled in.


December developed a clean and progressive identity in the form of  a capsule of everything OpenBook brings to the table. The logotype with the use of brackets at both ends brings forth a digital ecosystem, coding, technology, a scientific / algorithmic approach and yet it has a narrative, human quality to it stemming from association with language, communication and written expression. It also emulates a grouping of like minded creators, investors and stakeholders. It is a league, a network of people making things happen. 

OpenBook was going to essentially operate in the digital space which required a structured yet dynamic colour palette for its operations. A Light orange as the prime house colour added a human touch to the brand bringing warmth and tang. It is an energetic colour that communicates to a young and innovative audience. Light Blue is a young and active colour, light blue is reliable and honest. It works well with the technology aspect of OpenBook’s mandate. OpenBook VC is positioned as a transparent, honest, reliable fund with a very clear mandate and approach to both investors and creators. Black and White were thus chosen as the colours for brand operation and primary use. 


OpenBook also commissioned the studio to design their Thesis which was their key product on offer-the reason to venture build, assess impact that it is going to generate and Funding requirements. The publication was designed to physically represent the digital ecosystem, scientific and algorithmic approach to operations, dynamic and adaptive environment. This was achieved through  a clean, transformative and laboratory-like information design system, type design, layout and imagery.The design comprised of three key components- Open dialogue ( Idea/ Concept) , Expression ( Process/ Development) , Resolution ( Exit Strategy/ Closure).

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