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Food is often associated with pleasure, enjoyment, and socialising. Using fun taglines and comments in the branding helped in creating a lighthearted voice for the show. Catchlines such as ‘stirred not shaken’, ‘food matters’,  and ‘recipe for success’ , created buzz and excitement around the event, generating anticipation and interest among potential attendees.


Taking the concept of ‘recipe for success’ a notch higher, the team designed the annual food forum brochure in the form of a recipe book. A recipe book is a collection of recipes that provide instructions on how to prepare various dishes. The same concept was applied to the brochure to present the India Food Forum as a product with all the ingredients that has made the show a success. It included showcasing the highlights of the show, various components and the knowledge expertise in the area of food technology, food services and food sustainability.



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India Food Forum held annually in Mumbai, India brings together various stakeholders from the food and beverage industry, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and policymakers. The event provides a platform for participants to network, learn about industry trends, and showcase their products and services. It is India's biggest food B2B knowledge and networking destination with an extraordinary mix of far-reaching insights, masterclasses and exhibition areas featuring leading food and grocery brands, food D2C, startups, tech and solutions showcases and India’s most prestigious awards for food & grocery retailers and restaurants. December, associated with the show for almost a decade, developed the visual identity and theme for the year 2022.

In the new post pandemic trade show scenario, the studio was interested in creating a young and hip, cutting-edge tone for the show. The theme required bold impact, clear messaging and versatility. A typographic poster style with large, bold letters conveyed strength, confidence, and authority. The theme came across more prominently and ensured prompt readability. Orange is a vibrant and energetic colour used to create excitement and enthusiasm. It is also associated with warmth, friendliness, and approachability, making it an ideal colour for the forum. The strong orange colour  created a high-contrast with black and white typography, making the branding more powerful and visually appealing.
December worked on the theme- Empowering Modern Retail and Food Service. An omnichannel food technology trade show branding is about creating a seamless experience across various channels, such as online and offline platforms, social media, email marketing, and the event venue. Using the metaphor of a food delivery service guy on a scooter  effectively conveyed the idea of an omnichannel approach to branding. The scooter represents the physical aspect of the experience, while the various channels, such as online ordering and mobile apps, represent the digital aspect. The food delivery service guy on a scooter seamlessly delivering food to the customer was symbolic of the phygital food service operation.
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