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The founders wanted to continue with the existing identity as it had seen a journey for a number of years and had good recall with its patrons. Initially we came on board to refresh the brand. However, given the unique nature of the brand’s product range and the fact that this is a nascent market in India, we realised that the brand needed much more than a simple refresh, developing website and catalogue to capture and communicate to the right clientele.


The communication had to follow a two prong approach of  promoting the products and, most importantly, educating the audience about a way of life that Earth Garden believes in.What the brand really needed was a strong story that would resonate with the customers who truly appreciated what the products stand for. The brand language takes one back to a time when products were made with great craftsmanship and by hand before the mass -produced throwaway products came to dominate the market.


Earth Garden


 Luxury Lifestyle and Home Accessory Retail 


Brand Refresh, Brand Environment, Visual Design, Print and Packaging, Website, Spatial Design, Visual Merchandising

Earth Garden was born out of true love of the outdoors, offering products created from high-quality materials and design. It passionately believes in silently bringing joy by decorating people’s homes and beautifying their lives. The founder developed concepts and worked closely with artisans revising varied Home & Garden products and exploring platforms to display artefacts. The market was inadequate in terms of outdoor home and garden products which led to the conception “EarthGarden”.

As part of the brand expansion strategy and to showcase image evolution, we designed the Earth Garden pop-up spaces that reflected the brand ideology. The brand participated in India Design in the outdoor, garden, home decor category. This would be the first major exposure of the brand in the market in a physical space.and we wanted to showcase a European riviera inspired lifestyle that the brand endorses and nurtures. We studied architectural and aesthetic influences of country homes in Greece, France, Spain, Italy and conceived a space that would speak the gentle language of the brand. The space had to exude a quiet luxury that comes from indulging in a soul-soothing green space.  At the same time,  we created a space that could beautifully showcase both indoor and outdoor products  in a seamless environment.


We had to make the space modular and expandable in order to re-purpose the same at other locations.  We worked on a design that provided intimate nooks but expansive wall spaces to create a sense of space and yet convey warmth. We combined textured wall finishes and patterned wall paper to create an indoor-outdoor ambience. We curated the inventory selecting products to create a green haven rather than crowd the stall and overwhelm the visitor.

Dutch Lanterns

There’s nothing quite as heart-warming as the soft glow of a candle light in the night. And what a treat, if that light is softly diffused by a delicate metal lattice or a fun grid of windows! Our lanterns are one of our favorite products not just because they are extremely versatile but completely at home both indoor and outdoor. They are eye-catching and beautifully finished. The Dutch range is a quirky statement with its architectural silhouette and adorable window cutouts creating a tableau of hearthy warmth. The Moroccan range with its dark frame cut out into delicate lattice patterns, hints at an old-world Bedouin charm, a fantastical caravansarai.

Cascade Planters

Everything looks grander in layers... Multi-layered candelabras to multi-tiered cakes... Why not a multi-tiered planter? Let your imagination run wild with our 2 and 3 tiered planters crafted in SS with a rust resistant plastic coating, complete with cocoliners. Will you go for herb + flower + flower combination or 3 different coloured flowers or a simple but elegant cascade of foliage? Raised on short, curved legs, our cascade planters will fit into any driveway or courtyard. Use it as a lawn center piece or a kitchen garden all on its own. Complement these planters with some of our hanging baskets or urns for a more dramatic effect.

Bistro Bird Feeders

When is a garden not a garden? When it has no bird song humming through its leaves. That is why every garden must have one of our Bistro bird feeders. The simple lantern shaped feeder, with a conical ridged cover, can be hung on a wall hook or a tree branch or just simply placed on a ledge. The feeders come in 3 colours that look beautiful together or individually. The glass body makes them subtle while the colours add a hint of fun to the garden foliage.

The design delved into revealing the often overlooked experiences, materiality and processes to expand the visual language beyond the perceived functions of retail branding and communication. We wanted to create an environment of contemplation where one could unwind. The project was an exploration in ‘slow design’ which could be broad, abstract and a celebration of timelessness: both of the products and of the relationship between the brand and the patrons.


The team worked to optimise the identity, defining the brand and its visual language, an e-commerce site, packaging and labels and developed an exhaustive product and brand catalogue.We developed the story - “An Oasis of Tranquility” which speaks about Earth Garden as a brand that  embellishes memories one creates in at home, making each moment beautiful . A garden isn't just a showcase of natural beauty, it is an escape from the hubbub of everyday stress. Whether you have a beautiful landscaped garden or a balcony, an expansive terrace or a quaint patio, indulge your green thumb.The beautiful, handcrafted products let you create a green haven in any space.

an Oasis of Tranquility

The soft touch of a butterfly as it flutters past the garden bench, a carpet of green grass under foot,  the fairy-like glow of fireflies in the dusk, the songs of birds in the leaves, the subtle fragrance of basil and earth after a rain, a filigree of leafy shadows on a sunny wooden table, a soothing silence that is full of music... 

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