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Premium Luxury Lifestyle Brand


Art Installation, Retail Experience, Visual Merchandising and Display

When Premium Luxury Brand Gucci commissioned December for a special Diwali installation for their stores pan-India, they were seeking  a unique, warm, fantastical and glamorous engagement for all their patrons during the festive season. The installation would also mark the launch of Gucci’s new festive collection of Gucci Marmont sequinned bags. This was Gucci’s largest offline- online brand engagement event in India. December took the path of ancient Indian myths and mythology to seek inspiration.

We worked on the concept of The Wishing Tree, spreading the message of positivity and celebration. The installation encourages the viewer to leave behind a wish in a pond, nourishing the tree to receive a blessing in the form of a lotus, also a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. The idea was to create an interactive and celebratory piece, wherein the audience not only gets to be a part of the moment, but can also take away a joyous memory.  The installation was a contemporary interpretation in keeping with the brand narrative of Gucci.


‘The Wishing Tree’ is a stylised interpretation of the Kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling divine tree standing amidst a lotus pond, according to our mythology. Its metallic flowers and luminous features — referencing its mythological description — represent the hopes that emerge during the festival season, and the handmade paper flowers bring to mind a message of purity.

The eight feet high trees were crafted in metal with golden lotus flowers forming the foliage. Each branch was conceived as a lamp with bulbs illuminating the flowers. Hand crafted lotus flowers made in paper formed the base of the tree. The guests engaged in the celebrations by making a Diwali wish for their loved ones on golden leaves and taking a lotus with them as  memory..

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