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The search for a new story took December back to Rajasthan. The word Kilol is derived from a Sanskrit word that means ‘to play’. The idea of joy, freedom and togetherness complemented the brand’s vision. The delicate feminine playful banter at the backdrop of heritage and beauty became central to the story for this project. The visual language that evolved took inspiration from the notion of a Rajasthani ‘Garden of Maidens’. The imagery of queens and princesses relaxing and spending their leisure hours in the gardens spoke to the idea of femininity, elegance and comfort that Kilol’s products are known for. The contemporary translation of a royal garden amongst fountains, lotus pools, sculptures and abundant flora created a visual imagery that could carry the brand’s narrative. This imagery thus inspired the theme: Songs of Heritage!




Hand Block Printed Textiles, Apparel and Lifestyle


Visual Branding, Environmental Graphics, Retail Space, Mural, Installation and Art

Kilol, founded in 1986 is a premium design brand rooted in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The brand is synonymous with bespoke textiles and sarees created using centuries old craft of hand block printing fused with handlooms from weavers across India. With over 30 years of being in this segment, Kilol wanted to expand their reach across India and address a younger and a wider demographic. They approached December to design a visual language and communication that not only created a new brand experience for their existing clientele but also attracted newer and younger customers.

Kilol takes pride in the crafts, from weaving the textile to carving wood blocks for block printing, from the process of cloth printing to delicate embroidery and beautiful silhouettes of the garments. The same set of values, feel, love for craft  and eye for detail had to reflect in the visual design process. December  created a repository of motifs, a vocabulary for the new visual communication. The traditional patterns, motifs and colours are reminiscent of Kilol’s fabrics and designs. Using traditional printing block to create motifs allowed a way to retain the core essence.  Garden components such as the fountains and swings, helped piece the visual narrative.  A minimal, pared down finish to the motifs placed the traditional aesthetics in the present context. A breathable layering of traditional patterns and motifs, with a playful colour palette became the key  identifiers.

The studio crafted an artistic multi layered garden setting for Kilol. The contemporary interpretation and visual style translated across different media and applications from installations to furniture, from physical store to digital presence. In the new stores, the theme translated into graphics that adorned the glass walls and wall murals. Central fountains and installations facilitate immersive experiences for customers, allowing them a sense of refined aesthetics.

The brand’s reimagination started from the Bengaluru store but was soon translated to all the stores across the country. Customised motifs and visual palate was designed for each city to highlight the uniqueness and variety that each city had to offer.  The brand’s new design language then manifested across the country  through advertising, social media, in-store wall displays, brochures, themed visiting cards and in-store graphics . Iconic in-store installations or an elaborate reception display create moments of brand immersion for the customers with this renewed visual storytelling.

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