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Bellezza Retail


Fashion Accessories and Lifestyle Retail


Identity, Visual Language And Communication, Brand Environment, Packaging Design, Website, Digital Environment

When our team was approached for a refresh of Via Mazzini, we wanted the brand to be perceived as an engaging young International brand with roots in Italy and reflecting the heritage of Fashion. For a jewelry brand, the word ‘via’ made it more masculine, felt more like a facilitator and seemed to distant the customer from ‘Mazzini’. So it was removed from the name of the brand to make it more like a fashion label. The new identity had to be in the moment, outgoing, edgy and connecting to women who are bold, fun, whimsical, urban, independent and spontaneous. We created a brand archetype of ‘The Mazzini Woman’ and built the complete visual and verbal environment to engage with this persona.

Mazzini is a fashion jewellery and accessories brand for women who live in the moment and celebrate life in style. The brand addresses the Indian woman who makes her own choices and believes in expressing herself. She is independent, stylish, extroverted and confident. Mazzini speaks her language through a carefully selected collection of fashion accessories. At the workplace, on a dinner date, at a party with friends, at the gym: Mazzini is there to add colour, glimmer, whimsy and style. Mazzini, a reason to sparkle on every occasion!

Originally established in 2011 as Via Mazzini, the brand was in the business of selling fashion jewellery through e-commerce marketplaces. There was a gap in the fashion accessories segment in India as there was no organised affordable brand available in the market. Via Mazzini was created to bridge the large gap between super premium and street-side fashion accessories. It was named after a fashion street in Verona City, Italy. Through constant research, very often it was the first mover bringing new designs into the market. Via Mazzini targeted educated, tech-savvy, urban, independent women and girls from age 12 to 40 with disposable income.

We went for a vibrant, delightful and whimsical tone for Mazzini with the tagline- ‘Be The Sparkle’ addressing the eclectic, fun and confident Mazzini Woman. The sparkle translated into the visual language in the form of shining surfaces, a gradient colour palette and highlights of bling. Multipletextures and surfaces were developed as backdrop for the visual environment and products. From packaging to gift boxes, from promotional kits to digital environment, these textures, colours and surfaces gave the brand a ‘reason to sparkle’.

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