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Aga Khan Trust for Culture


Socio-Cultural Heritage, Garden Conservation, City Park


Guide Map, Infographics, Wayfinding, Navigation, Promotional Graphics

When the Aga Khan Trust for Culture approached us to design the Guide Map for Sunder Nursery, the Time Magazine had just named it among the 100 Greatest Places in the World. This unique 90 acre park is home to six world heritage monuments, biodiversity zones, landscaped gardens, lakes and performance venues. It was a great opportunity to re-establish the connect between the citizens of Delhi and the newly opened Heritage Park and position it as a key landmark on the socio-cultural map of Delhi.

The project was the perfect combination of nature and heritage, two areas that the studio loves to work in. We expanded the brief by creating a guidebook that unfolds into a large map that enables visitors to navigate the park. It also informs the reader about the evolution of the garden over centuries and its cultural and historical significance in the development of New Delhi.

The content is designed and structured at various levels of hierarchy of information. It not only marks and lists key heritage areas and bio-diversity zones in the park but also gives information about these areas and suggests fun tracks and trails to move around the complex. The map also showcases activity and performance zones, promoting the park as a hub of Delhi’s cultural activities.

The studio designed a detailed colour coded visual glossary and navigation system depicting heritage buildings, flora and fauna, activity zones, trails and tracks, keeping in mind the wide range of visitors- their age group, visual literacy and cultural understanding. We also wanted to add another layer of information, that would address the sensorial experience of the viewer highlighting the need to experience nature, heritage , beauty and silence. We also worked closely with the AKTC team to create an experiential nomenclature for various garden zones such  arc of discovery, flower valley, serenity amphitheater to generate a spirit of adventure and fun for the visitors.

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